Pre-conference workshop 1 - Reaching for Clinical Expertise: Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Alexandre Vaz Vidar Husby

Therapists vary significantly in their clinical effectiveness, independent of their theoretical orientation and years of clinical experience (Castonguay & Hill, 2017). To help explain the variables that might account for psychotherapy expertise, the science and study of expertise (Ericsson et al., 2018, 1993) has caught the attention of psychotherapy researchers, and the use of "deliberate practice" (DP) has been proposed as a common variable in highly effective psychotherapists (Rousmaniere et al., 2017). Preliminary empirical data supports the claim that therapists who undergo a routine of DP seem to achieve better outcomes and skills acquisition. A recent book series by the American Psychological Association Press aims at tailoring DP principles for training both common and model-specific clinical skills. This workshop will (1) review the principles of DP, (2) focus on the practical applications of DP for therapist’s skill building, and (3) invite attendees to try experiential DP exercises they might use for ongoing skill development and enhancing client outcomes.